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SP Flash Tool Complete Guide to MediaTek Android Flash

Flashing is the best way one could reach for system optimization. So here we guide you through complete SP Flash Tool processing from which MediaTek Android flash can be fulfilled so easily. The tool runs through the Windows PC and Linux and going to support in flashing various files to the system. So learn how the "to do" part goes with the complete note here.

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A look at the SP Flash Tool

SP Flash Tool is capable of multiple functions addressing the requirement of the user in the way to system changes. So it is capable of stock firmware flash, recovery flash, custom firmware flash, kernel flash and more flashing similar files. At the same time, the same SP flash Tool is capable of managing firmware upgrades and downgrades and more. So in that concern, it is a tool targets both system recoveries and modifications. But remember to go on with processing; it is a must to have the PC prepared. SP Flash supports through both Windows PC and Linux. But in the attempt of SP Flash APK, its uncertain how the process follows. So please refer


  • Computer capable of running the software
  • USB data cable for the android device for connectivity
  • MediaTek Drivers (MediaTek USB-VCOM drivers)
  • Backup of the andoid device

  • Direct Download Link For Latest SP Flash Tool

    SP-flash tool for windows SP-flash tool for linux

    SP Flash Tool updates for Linux and Windows

    SP Flash Tool Download is available to the user in different versions. So for Windows, SP Flash Tool v5.1924 is the latest could have while v5.1916 remains latest for Linux users. To get the best and most reliable support with SP Flash, reach the possible latest for free.

    How to flash Stock firmware on MediaTek Android with SP Flash Tool Download?

    To run flash with Smart Phone Flash Tool, the MediaTek Android must have rooted. And then, all preparations with the PC are also important since it can only connect through either windows or Linux. So install the proper drivers’ software for best device match with the program. On the side of the device, enable USB debugging mode from settings and have the device battery detached if possible. If you are done with the prerequisites, you must continue to SP flash with correct downloads. As we are here taking you through Stock firmware flash, we have checked the compatibility well and have downloaded the correct ROM for the device. In Download SP Flash Tool, try the latest possible just as we have stated above.

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    Video Guide to Download SP Flash Tool

    Developer Thanks for SP Flash Tool

    SP Flash Tool comes in updated tool versions addressing the various requirements of the user. So we here should give thanks to MediaTek Inc. for all the development of SP Flash Tool and rights given to free download.

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